Tips To Maintain A Clean Home

Household chores are what everyone hates but have to do. It is unfair to let the mother do everything and for the others to simply sit back and relax. Household chores should be done by all family members, even the little kids. If you inculcate good habits in them now itself, they will continue to do them as they get older. So here are some easy habits you can practice on to lessen the mess you leave behind.

1.    Clean up a mess immediately

Leaving for later is never a good thing since it’ll never happen. If you see a mess in the living, do not leave it for someone else to clean, you clean it up. Also, clean as you go. For example, you can wash dishes while cooking so that you do not need to do a whole pile after dinner. This will save up a lot of time and the need for getting down house cleaners every now and then.

2.    Take 15 minutes a day to clean your home

Of course you don’t have hours to spend on cleaning everyday with your busy lives. So why not get everyone to spend just 15 minutes everyday to clean their own rooms? This is a lot better that cleaning the entire week’s mess on Sunday. You probably don’t want to waste your entire holiday on cleaning. Leave the hard jobs such as carpet cleaning Castle Hill for Sundays and do the easy jobs during the week. The bathroom and kitchen being the two rooms that should be clean at all times, need to be cleaned well regularly. Having a clean room will encourage you to clean as you go so that it stays that way.

3.    Put away things you no longer need

Almost all the time, you house gets messier with clutter you no longer need. It could items that you wouldn’t use at all or items that will be of use in future, not now. Set them all aside and store them in boxes in the store room or attic. You can even give away some stuff for donation or even sell them to a thrift shop. Wouldn’t you like the extra bucks? Some may find it hard to let go of certain items they possess but no longer need. However, you should take up the courage and give them up to charity since someone else may find it useful than you.

4.    Clean during commercial breaks

Commercial breaks are hated by all so rather than sulking at the TV, you can go clean the dishes. This way, you will save time and also not miss your TV show. You can do simple tasks such as hanging the coats, putting shoes away, taking the trash out etc.