The Things To Know About Terrazzo Flooring

Well, terrazzo flooring is a flooring technique. It is regarded as an attractive and durable flooring option. Also, it is easy to maintain as well. You can easily clean up the spills. As a result, you will be able to keep the damage to the floor very minimal. As far as terrazzo flooring is concerned, you make it happen with marble chips and pieces of stone. If you want a decorated floor, then this is an excellent choice for you. We use a cement binder to arrange the stone chips and marble in an attractive manner. This type of floor is exceptional and unique. We have to mention the color composition and design.

Instant and quick floor preparation

As far as terrazzo flooring is concerned, you prepare it instantly in the room where you want to have it. You don’t prepare it elsewhere and then bring it to the room. You prepare it on the spot and install right away. If you are trying to install it on an already existing floor, then you need to create an additional layer which will form the basis for the floor. If you wish, you can get rid of the existing floor as well. The flooring company will pour wet cement on the floor. Thereafter, they will start placing the stone chips and marbles. They might be following a specific design while placing the marbles and stone chips. The best thing about the terrazzo floor is that you can use as many pieces of stone or marble as you wish. The idea is to come up with an attractive design. Companies that offer this service also offer concrete polishing.

The next stage

Let’s see the next stage of this process. Once you have the chips in place, it is important to make the surface as smooth as possible. Polished concrete surface is what makes it attractive. They use trowels and other such tools to smoothen the surface. But the initial smoothing is not meant to be elaborate or perfect. The idea is to make sure that the pieces of stone and marble are in place before you the cement has set. Once the cement is set, you will bring the grinding machine to smoothen the surface. The grinding machine will be able to bring you the smoothness that you have been looking for. It will make the surface more even and precise. Now you have the floor that you needed. In the final step of this process, you have to deal with sealing and cleaning the surface. Once you are done with smoothing the surface, you will remove all the residues from the surface. Then you will go for a thin layer of sealant. In the end, you will have a colorful floor, which is really easy to maintain.