The Benefits Of Sliders

Sliders are becoming an increasingly popular type of both windows and doors. Read on below to find out the many advantages sliders have over conventional doors and windows, which have led to their outburst in popularity:

  • Energy Efficient – security doors are a great way to save energy in two ways – they are good insulators and allow light to easily penetrate. Because they are made of glass, sliders are good insulators capable of retaining heat during the chilly winters or rainy days. And as for the easy penetration of light, sliders reduce the need of artificial lighting – that is, the use of electric lights indoors. Thus, sliders save up and reduce the consumption of electrical energy by reducing the need to use heaters and electric lights, and therefore, are very energy efficient.
  • Ventilation – by installing sliders as a bridge way between the outdoors and indoors, they will seamlessly integrate the two and create a continuous air flow, which will greatly boost ventilation. This will be of great help during the summers, when the warm air that would usually get built up indoors is easily let out to the outside. This will enable you to turn off the air conditioners for once and enjoy the outdoor breeze. However, you must make sure to install an insect net in this case, to prevent the entrance of annoying insects such as mosquitos.
  • Security – if you thought sliders lost in the security department, then you’re dead wrong. What was the major drawback of sliders, along with safety, was the problem of sliding windows use highest quality materials. However, nowadays, sliders can be built to be equipped with very efficient security methods such as fixed leaves, aluminium seals and incorporated gaskets.
  • Safety – the concept that glass was dangerous is a thing of the past. Back then, when glass was prone to shattering, a great deal of problems with its widespread usage existed. However, with the invention of safety glass, this problem has been successfully thwarted. Safety glass is not only extremely resistant and durable, but in the case of shattering, it will not break into tiny sharp shards that can harm unknowing children and adults alike; instead, it will break into rounded pieces that can be easily vacuumed and pose nearly no threat of cutting.
  • Practicality – sliders save space. They simply glide along the track sideways, overlapping with another part of the glass pane when they are opened – as they are thus without hinges and do not open inwards or outwards, the space that would usually be set aside for the door arc becomes unnecessary when sliders are used. Thus, they become a very practical solution for homes and rooms where space is lacking.