Services That You Can Expect From A Non-Destructive Excavation Service Provider

Seeking the service of a non-destructive excavation service provider becomes immensely requisite in the regions where chances of damage of underground utilities are high during digging or drilling! The highly skilled and trained professions in this job locate the underground utilities, like gas pipe, water pipe, electric or telephone cables, through mapping and perform hydro excavation to remove the soil. Go right here to find out more reviews regarding non-destructive excavation.
The mapping helps in identifying the depth of the soil and pressurised water excavation helps in removal of soil without any damage or risk. Risk prevention is a challenging task and utility locating procedure is the best approach to perform that. However, these companies do not limit themselves in locating and excavating, but also in other services too. Let’s get a brief idea about their services:
Utility locating service
The prime role of underground utility locating services is to perform a comprehensive mapping of underground utility lines, like gas line, water line, electric or telephone wires, etc. and locate them. The mapping is highly essential to ensure that there are no such utility lines that can get damaged/ leak while conducting the excavation process. Locating the lines with 3D mapping and with other advanced mechanism helps in getting the 100% accurate map of the underground setup. 

Non destructive excavation process
Excavation without prior knowledge of the underground map may lead to accidental damage. And to overcome the issue, underground service locators, after spotting the utility line, perform non-destructive excavation. In the non-destructive excavation process pressurized water is pumped to break the hard soil, without damaging the utility lines. This is in fact a fast and affordable process, compared to other excavation methods.
Hiring vacuum truck
In the non destructive excavation process a vacuum truck is required, which will pump out the soil and water and store in it. In this way, it prevents polluting or soiling of the arena. Commercial projects can also hire the vacuum trucks from the service provider if required.
Concrete scanning
Concrete scanning as well as imaging, another service offered by such service providers, helps in detecting the thickness and faults underneath the slabs. This service can also be used to measure the depth of the soil bed.
Underground fault identification
An underground utility locating service provider also performs the underground fault detection, i.e. detection of faulty water lines or sewage lines. Along with that underground cable fault is also diagnosed with the help of such advanced mapping. Inspection of pipes and leak locating helps in taking timely action to resolve the issues.
This is completely a technical process and should only be done by skilled and experienced professionals by taking care of the safety measures.