Planing A Road Safety Themed Assembly

Schools are placed for not only teaching academic subjects but it is also a place where children would learn and develop life skills. Therefore outside the classroom, one place which attempts to teach these skills would be the assembly. It is only at this point where the entire school would be gathered together. Hence it is the ideal time to impart life skills on to this student. But teachers and other educators should keep in mind that children would only benefit from these assemblies if they have been planned properly. That is because if an assembly has been planned poorly children would tend to get distracted. Furthermore, they would also not pay attention because it is not interesting to them. Hence it is crucial to plan these assemblies in such a way that it would grab the attention of these youngsters.
Make a Plan

We understand that many schools are working on a strict budget. Therefore it is not possible for them to invest a significant amount of money on each and every assembly. Hence the first thing that teachers should do it sit with the senior management to determine how much they are willing to spend on the assembly. Being aware of this amount is crucial because it would assist one to make the other decisions. For instance, the number of props one can afford would depend on this amount. Therefore it is advisable for one to look at LED traffic lights for sale when purchasing props.

Teach the Rules

During this assembly, it is crucial for one to teach these children all the important road rules. For instance, this means teaching children what to do when at LED traffic lights. However, one has to accept the fact that it is not possible for these youngsters to remember all these rules. Therefore due to this reason, the children should also be taught road safety songs because it would help them understand these rules.

Get a Professional

Many children tend to listen when it is a professional talking to them and not another teacher. Therefore it is advisable for the school to ask a traffic policeman to give a talk to the children. During this session, this individual can showcase experiments to show what would happen if you don’t follow rules. For instance, one can place two toys in the soft car. One can wear a seat belt and other would not wear one. Thereafter the children can be shown what would happen to the toys when they face various obstacles and slopes. With the help of this article, one can easily carry out a road safety-themed assembly now.