Help With Vehicle Customisation

Our trusty cars and trucks get a lot of use each and every day of the year. You may be using them as daily drivers, for your off-road adventures or you may even take your weekend driver to track days once in a while. At some point, you may want to do something more to make your car or truck stand out. You may want to make it look better or just increase the engine power by a little.
So what are some worthwhile upgrades and customisation options to consider for your vehicle?

Change the Paint job – Tired of your current paint job? It may be that you bought your current vehicle second-hand, which means that you didn’t have much of say in its paint-job. No worries! You can find many paint shops around your area to change your vehicle colour to one which suits your tastes. Combine the paint with a mine site safety signs at Aussie Safety Stickers or a new body kit to totally change how your car looks!

Add Some Stickers – If a paint job is too expensive, consider applying some stickers and decals instead. Stickers for trucks and cars are available in different sizes and shapes in many decal designing shops, where you can even order special customised ones.

Performance Seats – If you go to track days a lot, consider installing racing bucket seats in your sports car. They can come quite in handy during your time trials and speed runs. They can also be surprisingly comfortable when using them for what they are intended for. Nevertheless, you may have to give up some ride comfort when driving on public roads, as well as feel more of those bumps and potholes you may accidentally run into.

Performance Air Filter – An easy way to increase the power output of your car or truck is to change the stock air filter for a more performance oriented one. Such a filter lets your engine breathe more freely, which means more horsepower available to you. They will cost you a little more for each maintenance, but still remain a cheap way to increase power.

Change Wheels/Tires – A good set of wheels can be expensive, but will improve your vehicle’s looks by a lot. Additionally, you can consider opting for wider wheels and tires, which can increase your vehicle’s road grip and stability. More advanced users can opt to install multi-terrain tires for their off-roaders, while track oriented tyres can come in useful for installing in your track day car. Beware that these upgrades are a bit on the costly side though.

ECU Reflash – Yet another good way to increase your car’s power without breaking the bank. Reflashing is just a retuning of the software in your car’s microcomputers which changes things like fuel/air mixture ratio and timing. You can even undo it for whatever reasons, which makes it a worthwhile upgrade indeed. The downside is that ECU flashing is only effective in turbocharged and supercharged vehicles.