Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Equals Financially Friendly Savings

We all know about water conservation, but is it part of our everyday practices? In these times, various appliances and plumbing solutions conserve water without you having to think about it. These small changes also save you money in both water and electricity costs for your home, plus thousands of litres of water per month. Most qualified plumbing professionals will be able to arrange the plumbing solutions listed below.

Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller

Every time you wash your dishes or take a shower, you’re paying for the electricity needed to heat your water. With this system, you harvest the sun’s energy during the day to heat your water. Upon installation, your water heating bills should drop between 50%-80%. Like anything solar, this system is an investment. After the initial purchase and installation, you begin saving money, while environmentally friendly resources also add to the property value of your home.

The hybrid function safeguards your family in case of a particularly overcast or stormy day – if the solar power banks haven’t saved enough for your needs that day, it will revert back to the electric grid system, which means you will never have to go without hot water. You can find a vast number of qualified plumbing professionals online that can help you install your system and explain the details of how it works.

Water-Saving Showerhead

There is a growing range of showerheads available that cut down up to 60% of your water and energy consumption in the shower. Shopping around for the best product, talking to plumbing professionals and doing some online research are highly beneficial before purchase. If saving water is your number one goal, you can find a showerhead that will use around 6 litres of water per minute, rather than the typical 12-16 litres per minute used with a traditional showerhead. If strong water pressure is more important to you, there are models that use around 9 litres per minute while using pulsating technology to deliver the pleasurable, powerful experience of a traditional shower while still saving you around 3-7 litres of water per minute. For a 10-minute shower, that’s a saving of up to 70 litres of water with no loss of comfort.

High-efficiency Toilets

These toilet systems are water-efficient without the hassle of a weaker flush. There are three kinds – single-flush, dual-flush and pressure-assisted. Single-flush is a one-flush-fits-all system that uses around 6 litres per flush, as opposed to traditional toilets which use up to 26L/flush. Dual-flush includes a 6L full-flush for solids and a 3L half-flush for liquids. Pressure-assist toilets, common in hotels and public bathrooms, use pressure in the system’s tank to provide a vigorous, powerful 4L flush. These systems use a fraction of water used in a traditional toilet and also produce less sewage. These systems can be located and installed by any trained plumbing professional.