Employee Theft Investigation Services

Any act of employee dishonesty in the company will force the employer to act or carry out investigations. The employer might also decide to fire the dishonest employee. The end result of the investigation will decide whether the employer should stay in the company or not. Employee theft investigation services are important because they help employers to know whether the employer who carried out the theft is the one who performed the theft or not. 

Allegations of theft in the company or harassment by other employees should be taken serious and investigations must be carried out immediately. The longer it is going to take to do the investigations, the more important evidence is going to be lost. Delay of carrying out investigation may be seen as an attempt to cover the person who committed the theft. Failure to carry out investigation will create a very poor environment with the employees. Theft investigation and VIP security services can only be offered by people or companies that are experienced and offer high end technology. 

The work of an investigator is researching evidence and talking to witnesses. During the investigation it is good for the investigator to look at important facts. Evidence like CCTV cameras Sydney recordings, receipts and time cards all these should be secured well. All witnesses must be protected. Important information must be kept by the investigator this includes chronology of events which will be vital in preparation of the case. Theft investigations are based on suspicions and accusations. 

Investigators might be overwhelmed after they have received admission of theft from their suspect especially if they are not organized or if they do not plan well for the case. During the interview it is good for the investigator to take important notes with the suspect. Names of people who are being interviewed should be written. Information from people who have been interviewed should have specific facts and they have to be substantiated. The documents have to be edited thoroughly to remove grammatical errors. 

Most companies have hired people within the company that are given the job of carrying out fraud investigation in case of a theft or harassment. But most people within the company do not have the skills and expertise in providing investigation services. They have not received the right training in carrying out investigations. Though they are experienced enough in communication or following an investigation process, if they do not have professional skills they will put the company in great problems. It is not all theft investigations that need in depth documentation but they require important facts. Due to complexity of most theft cases, it is vital that you keep organized case files.

Today there are so many theft investigators that provide investigation services and corporate investigation services before working with one of them it is good to ask a few questions. Ask the investigator the place where he went for training. Find out for how long the investigator has been in this business. This is important because it will help you to know whether the investigator is qualified enough in providing theft services. Do not rush working with an investigator that is not experienced because the investigations are going to be done poorly.